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26 Oct

Napoleon's wars were short and decisive, brought to a hea in climatic battles, at least until the debacle of 1812 (Invasion of Russia), while Louis' conflicts dragged on as long, indecisive, and costly wars of attrition.

In short, there seemed to be more to be learned from a study of Napoleon's military genius.

"The army will never forget that under Napoleon's eagles, deserving men of courage and intelligence were raised to the highest levels of society. French military success provided a model of standardization and professionalism followed by many European armies and leaders.

Military service represented a living of sorts for the French nobility and gentry, a source of prestige.

During the reign of Napoleon in the early nineteenth century, France reached the height of its power.

By 1807, after spectacular triumphs at Austerlitz, ( Jena ( and Friedland, many Europeans believed the French were invincible.

In the Polish_Soviet War, the French were part of an interallied mission to Poland and even started a military mission in that nation which attempted to improve Polish organization, logistics, and planning." (- "The Section historique of the French general staff, ...

provides one measure of the military's interests; it published 80 volumes on the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars but only 6 specialized studies dealing with the reign of Louis XIV." - John Lynn - "Giant of the Grand Siecle" "The glare of Napoleonic brilliance outshone the radiance of the Sun King.