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16 Jan

Police are investigating the scene after a man and woman were exposed to nerve agent novichok and are in critical condition British police officers stand facing a residential property in Amesbury.British police have declared a "major incident" after two people were exposed to an unknown substance in the town, and are cordoning off places the people are known to have visited before falling ill Prime Minister Theresa May holds up a Belgium football shirt given to her by Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, center left, during a round table meeting at an EU summit in Brussels.All our members are searching for someone just like you.Our website and app run on separate databases, sign up for both to double your chances! Our app is 100% free with added premium capabilities.Nevertheless, it currently remains unclear what factors are contributing to the increase in women of a variety of ages developing cannabis-related health problems.

Super-strength skunk could be to blame for a spike in lung and heart problems among cannabis smoking women over 40, new report has found Researchers at the University of York found there has been a steep increase in cannabis users over the age of 40.They said this needs to look at ways to adapt to the challenges of childcare.They also say the findings demonstrated the notion cannabis is predominantly the drug of choice for young men – who later go on to develop health problems – might no longer be the reality.Maybe you don’t even smoke weed, maybe you’re an edible or vape kind of person.That’s cool too, you can totally find someone to bake and vape with no problem.Mr Hamilton said: “The most significant step forward to supporting cannabis users over the age of 40 is offering smoking cessation advice, which traditionally specialist drug treatment services haven't done as it is generally seen as a lesser problem compared to other drugs.“The combination of tobacco and cannabis use, however, exacerbates health issues, and if we can tackle both ends of the addictive behaviour – smoking and cannabis use – then we have a better chance of reducing drug-related health problems overall.” In February, a report found the UK cannabis market was dominated by high-potency “skunk” and weaker varieties of the drug have been pushed out.The blaze spread to nearby buildings including the Campus nightclub and O2 ABC music venue Dean of Westminster, John Hall, accompanied by first wife Jane Hawking, watches as daughter Lucy Hawking, places flowers at the site of the internment of the ashes of Stephen Hawking in the nave Westminster Abbey.The world renowned physicist and author of A Brief History of Time, died early in the morning of 14 March 2018, at the age of 76.“Long-term cannabis users, who are aged 40 or older, therefore, have been used to lower potency cannabis in the past, which can now no longer be sourced.Turning to higher potency cannabis could increase the likelihood of them developing health problems.