Card captor sakura dating

07 Sep

(Also, I want that library.) But it seems suspect that Akiho's family specifically travels the world in search of such volumes in the age of online booksellers, as does Akiho's statement that she's in Japan specifically to look for one particular book.

While it could just be a special edition of The Tale of Genji, it seems more likely that this is somehow related to the clear cards or Sakura's original compendium of Clow cards.

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Despite another lackluster card discovery, this week's episode actually feels like it may be one of the most important thus far.

Not only is it odd that her family rented that enormous place for just Akiho, her man-of-all-work Kaito, and their book collection, but this being the exact same house where Eriol, reincarnation of Clow Reed, lived is just a little too coincidental.

The two take a seat on the table and order their food, basically just eggs, bacon and some pancakes. While she and Sakura went on dating, she had decided to take her old camera to record new places they would go. I worked up my allowance to buy this myself.""Thank you, Tomoyo-chan!

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That book doesn't actually exist, but it's worth noting that 's adventurous heroine has been the subject of numerous parodies and unofficial sequels dating back to 1895, including such gems as Audrey Mayhew Allen's 1897 Alice in Grammarland and the 1902 political spoof by “Saki,” The Westminster Alice.

These two could have never been happier than they had ever been in their lives, yet it's still the beginning.

First, the most important thing: Sakura asked Syaoran on a date! If nothing else, it confirms that I officially trust Akiho as far as I can throw Manhattan – Sakura and Tomoyo's visit to her house definitely sounds a couple of alarms.

"I have something to give you for our anniversary.""O-oh! When they pull away, they stare at each other with lovestruck eyes."I love you, Sakura-chan," Tomoyo whispers."And I love you, Tomoyo-chan," Sakura whispers back.

And the two lovers share a kiss again, this time a more passionate one.