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19 Oct

Lady Elliot in:'The Elliots: The Story of a Border Clan' says: "Around 1650 someone added an "i" to our name to make it Elliot, which was without a doubt unfortunate as it confuses the clan with a well-known English Norman family called Eliot who settled in West England".

That would exclude the idea that the Cornish Eliots set the clan up a few centuries earlier, but it is said that this was some means of expressing solidarity with John Eliot (statesman), who was regularly imprisoned by Charles I until his death in 1632. This fine bronze jug is inscribed: " THOMAS: E[L]YOT/ HI RECOMAND ME TO EU/ WYLLEAM: ELYOT" ".

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Bears HC Matt Nagy expects WR Allen Robinson (knee) to avoid the active/PUP list to begin training camp.

There are also records in the Domesday Book of the name spelled "Ailiet", thought to originate from an old English name "├ć├żelgeat" (meaning "noble gate") and leading to the English and Scottish given name spelled "Elyat".

The origin of the Scottish surname is obscure, due to much of the genealogy of the Eliott clan being burnt in the destruction of the castle at Stobs in 1712 AD.

Legend also has it that the extra "t" in Eliott arose when a branch of the Eliotts adopted Christianity.

It is claimed that the surname originated in the early 13th century as "Eliot", as there is supposed to be a reference to "Geoffrey Eliot", Abbot of Hyde, in documents linked to the creation of the Magna Carta.