Cassie scerbo dating doug reinhardt

25 Oct

We're not sure we believe this piece of celebrity gossip, as the sources are particularly weak, but Paris Hilton has allegedly been bombarding her ex with phone calls. She's distraught over reports that Doug Reinhardt, whom she dated for 14 months, is now with Miss USA Rima Fakih, and she's determined to win him back. Did Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt split up for the second time?

Cassandra Scerbo dated to Michael Copon in 2006 but they broke up their relationship in 2008.

He has a great family, and I just find him to be a really classy, great guy. Doug Reinhardt may be kind of boring, and may not be able to hit an off-speed pitch to save his life, "He's tall and cute and I think he's a pretty good catch!

"Tens of millions from his family's frozen burrito fortune certainly help. We'll give this one at least a good couple of weeks.

One can say his Luck or an attractive personality helped him to build the number of relations.

Cassie Scerbo has decided to date Doug Reinhardt, the former star of The Hills and boyfriend of Lauren Conrad, Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes and many, many others! A few months after his split from Hilton, Doug's hot new blonde stars on ABC Family's "I've hung out with him every day since!