Cdc mandating h1n1 shot

24 Feb

Special Report: H1N1Emory University in Atlanta is one of a half-dozen universities that have set up a voluntary isolation dorm just for flu cases.

Three students inside spoke to the "The Early Show" via webcam."People are scared, that they don't want to get it," said Phil Mustert. It's a strong flu."The CDC Continues to see sporadic outbreak of flu throughout the country but is reporting high numbers of flu-like illness in the southeast, likely because many schools in the region are already back in session.

This is affecting seemingly the healthiest members of society, school-aged kid, do we know why? The thinking is that the older adults have a built-in immunity that children and teens do not.

It's important to remember among the deaths respected today by the CDC In children the majority were children with preexisting medical conditions.

The rally is intended to call for "freedom of choice in vaccination and health care" and to protest mandatory vaccination for influenza and the H1N1 swine flu.

"If something happens to me, if I get seriously injured from this vaccine, who's going to help me?

There are stronger arguments for mandatory vaccination in the first category than the second, the article argues:"It makes sense to create this two-tiered system in which medically necessary vaccines are linked with narrower exemptions and practically necessary vaccines are instead linked with generous exemptions.

Even more importantly, we should reconfirm our noble commitment to the tradition of putting patients' interests first by supporting the mandatory influenza vaccination requirement." He's also holding a media availability after Tuesday's protest.CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor asked Ashton more about the virus.Glor: We're so used to the seasonal flu affecting the very old and the very young.(Any reprieve would be temporary and last only until injection with the vaccine would "no longer be detrimental.") This raises an obvious and important question: Under what circumstances can government officials order mandatory vaccination?And could the general public be ordered to roll up their sleeves for injections, even if there might be side effects beyond a sore arm or mild fever?Glor: I know vaccinations have been a hotly debated topics and I know we're hearing some medical centers are mandating vaccinations or employees get fired.Ashton: Health care workers are among the five priority groups that the CDC recommends be vaccinated, but traditionally, health care workers are poor in that compliance, and only about 40 percent get a flu shot.While no state has gone as far as New York, many other institutions have grappled with the concept of mandatory vaccination.The University of Iowa required all staff to be vaccinated for H1N1, but then backed down in the face of a union lawsuit."While physicians, nurses, and medical technicians may not be known for their willingness to march on state capitols, a recent New York Department of Health requirement has sparked an unusually intense response.The August 13 regulations say that all health care workers who "could potentially expose patients" must be vaccinated for influenza by November 30 unless it would be "detrimental" to the recipient's health.