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16 Sep

Saturday is International Women's Day, which arose from an early-20th-century socialist suffrage movement and has since become a national holiday in about two dozen countries—in some of them, a holiday "for women only." Take that, HR guidelines! What quickly becomes clear is that there are countless ways to succeed on gender equality—whether it's implementing policies that encourage women to choose higher-paying professions, allowing employees more workplace flexibility, or developing a culture that encourages equity in housework. (the whole socialism thing probably wasn't great for its American branding), but it does present an opportunity to evaluate how various countries are doing by their female workers.Meanwhile, in countries that we usually think of as more progressive, like Belgium and Switzerland, women are far more likely to go into fields like education, health, and the humanities.

It gives us a real, authentic feel." Bowler says he's far from blase about the success.

Here, there seems to be no pattern to the rankings.

In more conservative countries like Mexico and Turkey, substantial numbers of female coders are entering the workforce.

During the past three years the team steadily built-up the brand and opened it up to franchisees mid 2017 to an "overwhelming response".

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