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Quickly discover new apps and easily update the ones you already have.Plus, support indie developers directly through pay-what-you-want purchases.Any ideas that might be able to help get it that far in Excel 2010? IF(I8="SENT",1,0), CF works on TRUE/FALSE, so all you need is =I8="SENT" @ chatguy, Pete's formula should have worked. Hi All, I couldn't find another question like this in the forums, but hopefully this is fast and easy to do.My favourite tube line is the Northern line, it’s poetry in motion. Hi All, This is an embarrassingly simple question and couldn't think of "keywords" to search for the answer, but how do I change my UNIX/KSH prompt to show the machine name and my "current" but not "full" directory?If you've been in the employment world for more than...a month ― chances are you have come across an agency.

This server doesn't support HTTPS and doesn't support HTTP/2.Hi All, I've used the macro recorder to try to auto-apply column widths after I do a CSV import: (A&B=3.14, C=8, D=13.57, E=24.14, F=9, G=10, H=11.29, I=8.57, J=6.86, K=8, L=13, M=10) ..for some reason when I execute this macro, "every" column gets the width of 10! May I pls ask what I'm doing wrong, or how I can fix the below code? Read App Center Spotlight Become a Developer With a color scheme designed to prevent eye strain, browser-class tabs with history and smart naming, task-completion notifications, natural copy & paste, backlog search and more, who says you can't teach an old app new tricks?receives about 3 unique visitors and 3 (1.00 per visitor) page views per day which should earn about n/a/day from advertising revenue. According to Alexa Traffic Rank is ranked number 29,039,810 in the world and 1.0E-6% of global Internet users visit it.We really just wanted to put a smile on people’s faces.When you see your drunk mate sat next to a priority seat sign that says: “Priority Seat for people who ar too drnk to raed ths sygn porperly,” you’re probably going to take a photo. The best things are the cheapest but still get everyone talking.Put this formula in the dialogue box that opens: =ISNUMBER(SEARCH("sent",$I2)) Click on the Format button, then the Fill tab and choose your colour. Then Excel will adjust the cell references to suit the other selected cells. Unfortunately the above didn't work -- I did try the above 2 solutions (and thanks for help so far, btw! ) where it seemed to incorrectly color the "J-column", when the "I-Column" didn't contain that word -- and didn't color the "J-column" cells in when the "I-Column" did contain that word. There’s so much stuff going on, it’s best when you can put a spin on something that is in the zeitgeist. We tried to address the high-street inequality of charging women more for the same products, like razors.We put headlines like: “I wasn’t born to pay more” on a load of XXL pants and set up an installation in Carnaby street. Me and my partner Liv are a creative team on placement at an advertising agency called Crispin, Porter Bogusky in King’s Cross, and also avid train spotters.