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05 Mar

To avoid being creepy, learn to avoid giving women the full frontal; angle your body away from theirs, or even address them from your side or over the shoulder.

Too many guys out there – especially those who can be a little less socially experienced – don’t quite understand the difference between how they perceive themselves and how they’re coming across to others. The more kind-hearted ladies would describe them as “intense”.Or they would say “(He) comes across a little strong, but he means well.You just have to get to know him” The less kindly would say it flat out: “He gives me the creeps.” It’s surprisingly easy to give off the creepy vibe to women, especially if you aren’t aware of what you’re doing and why it makes women feel the way they do.and women are – in their immediate circle who has been threatened, taken advantage of or assaulted… Because the stakes are much higher for women than they are for men, women are more sensitized to these little hints, which can lead to false-positives.That guy who stares too hard and lingers around her long after he’s worn out his welcome may not actually intend to make her uncomfortable, but she has no way of knowing this; it’s far safer to allow for the wrong impression than it is to ignore the signs when someone actually Guys – who don’t have to do this mental calculus on an almost hourly basis – are frequently unaware of this issue.Women, on the whole, don’t pose a physical threat to men; while there will always be individual exceptions, the average male is larger, stronger and heavier than the average woman.In practical terms, this means that the average man is fully capable of overpowering the average woman with relative ease… Because women live in a state of near-constant threat awareness, they are far more cued in to the slight clues that hint at potential danger than guys are.They’re often ignorant of just what it is they’re doing that sends all the wrong signals.In fact, because they don’t live with the same omnipresent threat that women do, they’re frequently by the idea that it’s their behavior that creeps girls out. and she will be sure to share that information with all of her friends. Fortunately, some self-awareness and fairly simple changes in a guy’s behavior can eliminate the creepy vibe.Notice very carefully, by the way, that I told you to smile.Remember this: one of the keys to not being creepy is a big, toothy grin.