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30 Aug

Moreover they are celebrating their third anniversary this week, so a big congraultions to the whole team.The Temple House, 81 Bitieshi Street, Jinjiang District 锦江区笔帖式街81号Time: am – pm, pm – pm Tel.: (028) 6297 4190Severe rainstorms have continued to cause problems in Sichuan province, causing billions of renminbi in damages.According to reports there has been a focus on entertainment service establishments like KTVs and bars, however offices and small to medium businesses have also had their business licenses checked.We recommend if you are not already, to ensure you are registered at your local police station, have a photo of your passport and current visa on your phone – and if you have your own company, ensure your business licenses are in order and on the premise.Sichuan Air also plan to start a Chengdu-Boston service, which is currently finishing approval from the U. Chengdu currently has a whacking 34 sister cities, including Montpelier, Ljubljana, Linz, Kofu, Sheffield, Haifa and Chiang Mai – just to name a few.They have recently made efforts to establish a friendly relationship with Montevideo, capital of Uruguay – probably due to relaxed visa regulations between the two nations.

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Comparatively Chen Qiulin’s creations focus on human beings—the memories of them and their present vibrant lives.

Until July 29th at Luxelakes ·A4 Art Museum, Chengdu A4 当代美术馆For the second year running The Temple House has won the award for Best City Hotel in Asia by lifestyle and travel publication Travel Leisure’s World’s Best Awards 2018.

After registering on the App “天府通 (Tianfu Tong)”, passengers are able to use the service on buses running along more than 20 local routes.

This is a welcome addition to the QR code-based payment throughout the city’s metro system that was introduced this year.