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(This is especially so on school nights and school mornings.) A Tennessee parenting plan allocates final decision-making authority between the parents on topics such as education, health care, extracurricular activities, and religious upbringing.This final decision-making authority may also be shared jointly.Under prior Tennessee child custody law, custodial parent generally meant the parent with whom the child primarily resided and the parent who exercised final decision-making authority.Under current parenting plan law, these concepts are split.However, sole custody no longer exists as a meaningful legal term in Tennessee law.

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And that both parents shared equal authority to make important decisions regarding education, non-emergency health care, choice of religion, and extra-curricular activities.

Both the primary residential parent and the alternative residential parent have authority to make decisions on the day-to-day care and control of the child while the child resides with that parent.

Because most parenting decisions fall under the day-to-day designation, the determination of primary residential parent is very important in determining how the child will be raised.

In the same general sense, the legal custodial parent was the parent with most, if not all, final decision-making authority.

The parent with sole custody, or full custody, meant the parent with both physical and legal custody.