Ciao bella dating sim zack dating girl form paradise hotel

26 Oct

Definitely worth a download and trial, and I really enjoyed playing it.

Zero educational value, but that’s what word games are for, right?

Stuck at this dating sim few days ago and still at chapter 1 even after playing it 6 times, makes me desperate enough to determine making its walkthrough since the walkthrough around is kinda unfinished..

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd Date - The First Rendez-vous Objectives - Buy a pair of in-line skates - Upgrade your health - Progress in all the other fields of your life - Meet Elios at home Saturday between noon and 4.00 PM (Focus Health and Work) Event Tue - Go to city hall, and fix all about Nunzio Cons. 3rd Date - Once Open a Time in Little Italie Objectives - Buy a dress for a premiere.

Gameplay is a mix of strategy, simulation, time management, object hunting, memory games, and uh, a racing game.

Your character lives like a Sim if you have ever played the Sims before: she will get hungry, get tired, and need family interaction. There are a set number of game locations she can visit in Little Italy such as the mall, the boutique, her family’s restaurant, etc, where she can work and fill up these meters.

At the end of each week, our Elena will have a date with Elio.

If you are prepared for this date – say, bought a dress for the social night out or bought a pair of in-line skates when he invited you to the skatepark – and your meters are well-balanced, you will have a good date, and the game rolls onto the next mission.

They never get too difficult – but the tennis game I find to be nigh impossible.

Ciao Bella is best described as a 13-part turn-based dating sim.

Take a Japanese date sim, take out the “graphic” elements, swap out the Japanese family for a n Italian one, then add some mini-games and make the main character female, and you have Ciao Bella.

- Mamma & Carmie have flu, visit them as often as possible to give some comfort.

- Take care of your health to avoid catching the flu bug.