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21 Sep

I've been involved with sports, clubs, hobbies, and still no luck.I was a high schooler like everyone else, I went to Miami University(Oxford, Ohio), still no luck.

I haven't been to Columbus since 2010, and I've never been to Cleveland.Culturally, Kentucky is a lot closer to Southern Ohio, Cincinnati in particular.But if you're already planning on leaving Ohio the situation will probably resolve itself.I'm not picky, I'm in good shape(I'm a gym-rat), I'm confident, funny, and an ideal match, yet still no luck.I've even tried online dating websites, and apps, and I've still had no luck. I've lived in the city of Hamilton my entire life, and it doesn't get much better when I venture around the Hamilton counties, or even northern Kentucky.I don't live in Cinci, but I live in Cleveland, and the dating scene is similar here if not worse.I'm 22 and I have been in a relationship or 2 but I do think that it may be the place and not you.On Tinder alone, I've had a total of about 20 matches, and I've probably swiped right on over 5,000 different profiles in the two years I've been using it by now.Out of the 20(or so) matches I've had, almost all of them didn't respond to my messages.One of my ex best friends was an amazing person who always had terrible luck with relationships.Granted, he had his issues like everyone else but as soon as he moved to PA, he found someone and they've been together for years and they're engaged.