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01 Oct

Many of the principles outlined in this group’s constitution were later embraced by the WSIA.

One such concept was the early group’s goal of “promoting the social and moral welfare and to render aid to distressed members.” This tradition would be embraced and followed by the WSIA in the coming years.

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To that end, an expanded and revised version of this writing, containing the greater record of anyone not named here, will be completed and made available to members in the future through the WSIA library.As the passion for revolution by some subsided in the 1930’s, the focus on cultural traditions increased.This had a significant impact on the early growth of the WSIA.Previously recorded historical summaries indicate the WSIA was formed in October 1931; however, at least one summary references the year 1930.Oral histories suggest the Club’s formation was a gradual process, or a series of dates and events, as opposed to a single defining moment.If the WSIA had a predecessor, it was likely The Irish American Social and Welfare Club, which records indicate was formed on December 19, 1919.The first constitution of this club was found among early WSIA records.Understanding the reasons for the formation of the WSIA requires insight into the Irish- American community that existed at the time.The Irish uprising of 1916 and the resulting Irish Civil War of the early 1920’s dominated the Irish-American landscape.It is not designed or intended to serve as a personal history of individuals, either living or dead, whose contributions made the WSIA the success it is today.To praise and recognize all the individuals who contributed over the past 75 years would require a major publication that this space does not permit.