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05 Oct

It’s okay to discuss the Syria crisis, the i Phone 6 Plus or the China slowdown, as long as you have an open mind about it.

So, do your homework and be bold enough to talk about topics that you would normally not bring up on a date.If it's not a test of moral character, it's just a Secret Test or a Hidden Purpose Test.I’ve roamed around almost every European country, including Germany, and based on my experiences, I’ve found German women extremely easy to get along with, provided you strike the right chords.One of my favorite pick up lines is: Leute nennen mich John, aber Sie können mich anrufen heute Abend.(People call me John, but you can call me tonight.)Also, Ich bin kein Mathematiker, aber ich bin ziemlich gut mit Zahlen.Ich sag dir was, Geben Sie mir Ihre und sehen, was ich damit machen kann.(I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty good with numbers.What You Are in the Dark is related as well: Most Secret Tests involve putting you in the dark to test you.Old Beggar Test is a Sub-Trope involving a powerful figure disguised in rags testing the hero's moral capacities.Be confident, but not condescending If you have a prolific career or a great business, chances are that most German women will find you reasonably attractive.Just like other women, they’re attracted to men who are comfortable in their skin and in complete control of their life.This will sometimes occur in the context of a Training "Accident" or The Game Never Stopped. A Career-Building Blunder operates on a similar principle.A Sub-Trope of Sweet and Sour Grapes and Secret Test.