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21 Sep

On the one hand, the plaintiffs in the derivative suit would cite Alexander’s agreement to pay the million as benefit the derivative suit produced.I hope some of us can be forgiven for being confused about which lawsuit produced the million payment.Setting the million aside, the other benefits to the company from the derivative settlement appear, at least relative to the size of the derivative plaintiffs’ .35 million attorneys’ fees, relatively modest.That said, the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ undoubtedly would argue that the million settlement contribution should not be set aside but rather represents a very significant benefit to the company from the derivative lawsuit, and that benefit is the context within which the .35 million attorneys’ fees should be assessed.The settlement consists of a number of different components, the most significant of which is Alexander’s agreement to pay the million to Comverse.As reflected in the company’s December 18, 2009 filing of Form 8-K (here), Alexander is to pay the million into the derivative settlement fund and then the amounts are to be transferred to the class action settlement fund.TEXT OF INTERVIEWSCOTT JAGOW: Last week, the government filed charges against three former executives at a company called Comverse Technology.That's Comverse with an M, nothing to do with sneakers.

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He also agreed to relinquish his counterclaims against Comverse seeking .2 million in damages relating to deferred compensation, lost wages and cancelled or revoked options and restricted stock.

But something like Comverse, that was a whole different game. Someone at a college whose name escapes me did a study somehow figuring out statistically that his must have happened and either they called the Wall Street Journal or the Wall Street Journal called them and the Wall Street Journal started calling around and broke the story. It's a result of academe, you know which I normally mock of course.

JAGOW: Giving out these stock options and I guess backdating them was a common practice in Silicon Valley back in the heyday. I sit there and laugh about business schools and laugh about academic finance but in this case academe is what's brought truth to the world and shows maybe people like me should have somewhat more respect for academe than we do. As a nonprofit news organization, what matters to us is the same thing that matters to you: being a source for trustworthy, independent news that makes people smarter about business and the economy.

JAGOW: Allan Sloan is the Wall Street Editor for Newsweek. So if Marketplace has helped you understand the economy better, make more informed financial decisions or just encouraged you to think differently, we’re asking you to give a little something back.

In this article discussing the recent backdating charges scandal with Comverse Technologies, Littler's Steve Friedman notes that the Comverse CFO may not be the only one who will settle with the SEC.