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This is kind of like the garden from which many flowers bloomed.But some were successful, and some were not." Mortimer did start to taste a bit of that "gold standard" social success.She was funny, she was frisky, she was like a little pedigreed filly—and she was a Mortimer."Hay then helped her get onto event committees at the American Museum of Natural History and the Central Park Zoo."I knew that Tinsley had the potential to be an 'it' girl, because she was beautiful, she was perky, she had a great, vibrant personality," Hay says."And I mean, these are girls who went to good colleges.You would think they'd have something better to do."After publishing a novel and dating a European aristocrat—Germany's Casimir "Cassi" Wittgenstein-Sayn—and star Constantine Maroulis, Mortimer began to spend more time in Palm Beach, and in December of 2012, she and Fanjul, now 30 and a decade younger than Tinsley, began dating.But then Tinsley and her high-school sweetheart, Topper Mortimer, split, and she migrated down to Palm Beach to start over.Pictures of "Tinz" no longer popped up everywhere—until they did.

The first raft of stories cast her as a jilted ex-lover, and police reports said she was found "crying and screaming irrationally stating that her boyfriend 'Nico' was inside the house with another woman." The truth, of course, is much more complicated.They married again in Richmond in 2002, this time with a proper New York is full of well-connected young women with good educations.Mortimer wanted more, and she got it with some help from R. Hay recalls an evening about 15 years ago when Mortimer approached him at a party at the Guggenheim Museum."I felt that we couldn't turn her into a little socialite that would be put on a pedestal by New York society, and the gossip columnists, and the glossy magazine press, as long as she had a job as a publicist.Even though a lot of social girls did emerge from publicity.""I knew that Tinsley had the potential to be an 'it' girl.She was photographed constantly and sat front row at fashion shows—at a time when sitting front row was just starting to be a thing done by celebrities and not just editors and buyers.In 2007, Mortimer became a beauty ambassador for Dior, and they released a pink lip gloss named after her.Photographs taken by the Palm Beach Police Department, and published by the , reveal that both Mortimer and Fanjul had bruises and scratches on their bodies.Mortimer told the police she was injured while trying to break up a fight between Fanjul and his younger brother, but she refused to give their names citing fear of the Fanjuls' "status in Palm Beach." On New Year's Eve, Fanjul called police to his house and reported Mortimer for trespassing.(Fanjul did not return requests for comment.)A source familiar with Tinsley's situation said Mortimer and Fanjul spent much of their time together "watching movies and cooking dinner" in their "own little world," which, after the flashbulbs and reality show cameras of her New York days, may have been a welcome respite for her. In December 2013, Mortimer was hospitalized for a head injury "due to a possible battery," police reports reveal.A police officer who visited her at the hospital reported that Mortimer had "a laceration on the back of her head that was still bleeding with blood in her hair" along with a swollen and bruised face, eye, and arms.