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29 Jan

Grinning as I confronted him,he just said, - "That stuff runs back out of mum like it is from you Iris" Almost embarrassed now I looked as a huge amount of his sperm plopped on the floor in front of us.

Then in shock,he tugged his clothes back up as I heard Pam call, - "Todd,you round there? I never meant literally what I said" - Todd looked brow beaten as he realised his mother didn't approve of his fucking me.

I like big points like yours" - Apart from making my nipples stiffen with this comment, he added, - "My mum's go hard as well when I look at them" - 'Course,over time his mother mentioned he tends to make comments if he in turn has seen her naked.

Saying, I told him - "Don't you go telling anyone outside mind" - She said he responded, - "What,not even Iris?

- I wanted to scream as I felt this now hardening cock slap against the back of me.

- "Let your skirt drop off" - I done just that,then as I looked down, I could see the head of his cock dangling between my legs.

I felt myself being opened far deeper than I'd ever felt until I was amazed as I felt his balls slap at my clitoris.

I admit,this sex starved broad tended to linger naked as his eyes went up and down taking in all my feminine assets.

On one occasion,he commented, - "My mum's tits look like yours,but your points are bigger.

"Iris,mum sent me round to fuck you" Goosey pimples ran up my spine at his utterance.

I swung round and my eyes were confronted with an enormous length of cock swinging half hard from his naked loins.