Cpap dating sites

21 Jan

Often loud snoring and sleep apnea may lead to nighttime relationship problems, including sleeping in separate sleep spaces.

If you are in separate bedrooms, the chance for intimacy diminishes.

Anyone who loves you, anyone with whom you wish to be intimate, will accept you and respect your medical needs.

In fact, the CPAP may be the first step toward rekindling your love life.

You may feel like the apparatus makes you appear like a cross between Darth Vader, an elephant, and a robot. Truth be told, this initial hurdle is cleared quickly.

Remember that you should be putting the mask on as you fall asleep.

Learn how treating sleep apnea may improve energy levels, libido, and sexual function including resolution of erectile dysfunction.

Discover ways in which an unattractive mask might make you feel unattractive and what to do about it.

Talk about your concerns with your loved one, see how they feel, and quickly move on.

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