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But the common thing is they love their state immensely.

And nothing annoys them more, than being mistaken for Bengali.

Don’t call them Bengali- Odiya females are immensely proud of their roots.

It might be the hep looking girl, who loves to freak out on Friday night, or the rather demure, shy girl working in your office.

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Even though they fall less in number to the Brahmin Social Reformers, Poets, famous Politicians in whole of Andhra history, they have gained good inroads in recent past. Kammas can claim credit for introducing modern agricultural techniques in the state.

They hate to be treated in a condescending and patronizing manner.They are generally found in roles ranging from large scale industries to small scale businesses.One admirable characteristic about them is their recognition and belief in the dignity of labor, and are not above lending a hand to hired help and doing some field work themselves in agriculture if they see a need, which is generally considered something to be avoided in India by the upper castes. Kammas are also concentrated in some parts of Nizamabad, Nalgonda, Warangal, Kurnool, Hyderabad and Vizag Districts, in the remaining Districts Kammas are very less in count.I really can’t comment much on the physical aspects, but in a way found the Odiya girls attractive in their own way.Majority of them have a dusky complexion, which enhances their attractiveness, and add to it a rather cute accent.Over a period of 10 years, in Guntur District alone, 130 High schools were established by their initiative.Zamindars of Challapalli and Kapilewarapuram founded many schools and libraries.You might even get to hear about how Odisha is not Bengal, and how much different it is.Don’t look down upon Odisha- They really don’t appreciate it if you, characterize their state as “backward”.They are immensely proud of their state and it’s culture.Odiya girls might not wear the pride they have in their state on their sleeves, but they are fiercely proud about it.