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10 Oct

Just a few months before the Lord took Ben home to heaven, he was in contact with the President of a Publishing House and ministry in Israel, (Jewish-believers), who felt compelled to get the book translated into Hebrew, and published, to be given to Jewish people and ministries and survivors in Israel.

I have been in contact with the publisher who has already translated much of the book, and they are ready to go ahead with the final editing and printing phase.

is a book written by Elizabeth Mickel-Cassutto, which is in essence a prophetic devotional, and began as a powerful and life-changing dream she had in 1983 of the Lord’s return.

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We also set up support for you through your community of human and non-human life.""In therapy you are my co-worker where you bring what you know about living your life.

They (a ministry themselves) have invested their own time and resources into the book, and I am raising about 4 to 5,000 thousand dollars to cover the remaining cost of the printing, 'The Last Jew of Rotterdam' will be printed and published in Hebrew.

The book is already in 2 languages; English and Dutch.

Success in treatment is determined by you and how supported you feel by me as your advocate and companion on the journey to recovery.

Because my approach is person centered, I will help you work through whatever barriers to success may be your challenge. This is my commitment to everyone who may choose treatment in my practice.""In therapy you are my co-worker where you bring what you know about living your life.