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11 Oct

Our chefs can create personalized menus for your special occasion.Order a few dishes a la carte or an exquisitely catered fine dining experience.Fatima Abid, the general secretary of Manchester's SU (inset) tweeted: 'Today, as a team we removed an imperialist's work from the walls of our union and replaced them with the words of Maya Angelou- God knows black and brown voices have been written out of history enough, and it's time we try to reverse that, at the very least in our union.' Upmarket British fashion label Burberry has destroyed more than £28 million in unwanted products this year, amid a continued downturn in sales it has emerged.High-end clothing brand, known for it's £1,450 trench coats and checked design, has seen the value of its waste rise by 50 per cent in two years in a worrying trend.Amy Nickell, 27, (pictured) discovered she was pregnant (pictured inset) with her son Freddy (pictured together right) when she was age 24 after being in a relationship with his father for a few months.A graduate from Leeds University, Amy had begun her career as a reporter at Yahoo interviewing celebrities on the red carpet and was living in North London.He can clearly be seen first of all grabbing a young woman by the neck at the demonstration on May 1 - a traditional day of street action that this year saw hundreds of thousands campaigning across France against Mr Macron's employment reforms.Benalla then turns his attention to a bearded Left-wing activist who has been apprehended by gendarmes.

The 36-year-old soap star was pictured mere hours before the crash (left) as she recorded a segment in York Town Centre ahead of taking part in a stock car race at Hunmanby Raceway.The burly Benalla pulls the man away from the police, and starts slapping him around the head by himself.The cost of filling up a typical family car with 55 litres of unleaded rose by £6.98 to £70.40 between June last year and June this year.Earlier in the day, Roxanne was seen in York Town Centre pulling a prank for her radio show that saw her pretend to cry to see how many members of the public would come to her aid.Roxanne played Jo Sugden in the ITV soap Emmerdale from 2005 to 2009 but recently announced plans to retire from acting to pursue a career in radio.The cost of filling up with diesel jumped by £8.14 to £72.66.Sir Cliff Richard has revealed the devastating impact of his four-year legal battle with the BBC after it finally came to an end today, confessing he 'won't go anywhere near children' again.Astonishing video footage (left) captured at a street demonstration in Paris shows French President Emmanuel Macron's deputy chief of staff Alexandre Benalla (pictured on duty right), who is in his mid-30s, attacking two young protesters, one female, one male.The senior Elysee Palace official had put on a police helmet (pictured inset), despite not being authorised to do so.The popstar said the harrowing toll of the case on his day-to-day life means he will 'never completely recover' from the ordeal and he no longer comes into contact with other people's children for fear of the repercussions.His words came after a High Court judge ruled the BBC had invaded his privacy by broadcasting a police raid of his house live on TV after he was linked to a child sex abuse claim.