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28 Feb

Says NDAA prohibits cooperating, coordinating with Russia in Syria."Any space for that would have to be created by Congress I have not asked for that." In the ongoing Jazeera Storm operation of Defeating Daesh in Rawda village Deir Ezzor countryside SDF have succeeded to eliminating many Daesh militants and a seized cache of weapons and communication devices Reports that Syrian rebels in Quneitra (on Israeli border) have cut surrender deal with government.But you're also likely to encounter members of the mysterious organization Team Flare. In , some Pokémon will tap into powers long dormant.This special kind of Evolution is called Mega Evolution.

In addition to new battle types, you can also care for your Pokémon with the Pokémon-Amie feature.

All-new battle formats are fun for new players and Pokémon pros.

Sky Battles feature duels between Pokémon that can fly, and Horde encounters are massive competitions where one of your Pokémon faces many wild Pokémon at once!

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