Dating man relationship tip

22 Dec

If you see him grinning widely or taking discreet glances at your attire, you know you’ve hit the nail.

But dressing attractively doesn’t just stop working its magic there.

Win the attention of other men in the room, and the man you like will do anything to get more attention from you.

[Read: Questions to ask on a date] #5 Work your eye contact It’s been seen that romantic eye contact can actually make two people fall in love with each other in no time.But when you can’t be with the person you like, you end up missing the person a lot more.Once you know the guy likes you a lot too, try to skip an occasional date now and then.But all flirting and no seriousness can get boring after a while.On your dates together, try and connect with him intellectually now and then.[Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you] #3 Don’t be rude Men are completely put off by rude or arrogant women.If you can be rude to your date or even a waiter, he wouldn’t be able to help but wonder if it’s only the tip of the rude iceberg.#7 Don’t be easily available This is tricky, but it’s definitely a great way to make a man fall in love with you.When you’re in love with someone, you obviously want to be with that person and spend more time with them.By reassuring him that you’re having a nice flirty time, you’d make him feel better about himself.And a man always love a woman who can make him feel like a better man!