Dating 101 decode her body language

14 Dec

During a session an energetic bridge is built (from illusion to Truth) and you are invited to cross it (step by step) through a series of Choices/Questions.

As an undergraduate he studied History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Kansas, where he specialized in the history of chemistry, from its Medieval roots in alchemy through the scientific revolution.

As these distorted frequencies and false perceptions are transcended, the result is a greater sense of peace, freedom and connection to Source.

She serves as an instrument and witness for healing, teaching and inspiring alignment with Divine Truth, sharing all of her products and services with the intention of supporting you in the Remembering of your True Self, and Expanding beyond the experience of limitation.

) mentions on the Facebook pages of Stern, and Financial Times Deutschland, a write up in the Swiss paper, Tages-Anzeiger, and listings on all manner of forums and other sites.

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