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25 Nov

Consider the tools you already use If you’re already hosting your IT infrastructure in a public, private, or hybrid cloud, check to see what tools may be available to you through systems you already use.Investigate how AWS or Microsoft 365 can help you better organise your client data.Having excellent (and up-to-date) data backups and a strong disaster recovery plan means that your clients and customers will have the access they’ve been granted by GDPR, and you’ll be even closer to compliance.

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Although the process will be different for every single business and organisation, here are 5 steps you can take towards GDPR readiness, and how your cloud service provider (CSP) can help: 1.

Communicate with your entire team, and c-level executives, to bring everyone on-board Explaining the implications of GDPR for your entire business will help everyone to take ownership during the transition time.

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