Dating a gibson acoustic secrets to online dating profiles

07 Sep

Amazingly, the trademark white pick guards seem to still have their original plastic coverings on them, which I have left in place for the next owner to peel off (or not).

However, the back lower bout has about a 4” section which has a very funky finish, probably indicating a major repair.

It obviously was designed more for the coffee house of the 1960’s folk music scene than the blue grass stage, but it has enough carrying power for anybody.

This wonderful veteran of the folk wars is ready to dominate once again.

The saddle is straight across like a classical, and the fretboard is flat like a classical, rather than radiused.

It is also great in alternative tunings because of the neck, and the adjustable truss rod affords neck relief, a feature many vintage flat tops and virtually no classical guitars of the time have.

I have tried to be perfectly clear and accurate in describing this vintage instrument, so its return will not be accepted unless it can be shown that it was egregiously misrepresented in this listing.

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The neck is wide but not deep, and the wide string spacing at the nut along with the 12-fret neck opens up the lower registers to where fretting is a breeze and note separation is better than most guitars on the market even today.There is no mess I can see inside, but the final brace looks to have been repaired or replaced.And of course what really matters is the wood, which has seasoned and opened up after over five decades of making music.It’s not a museum piece; it’s not prettied up with abalone and such; but it’s a great player’s guitar, embodying everything that the name Gibson has stood for over the last century or so.The arched hard shell case is obviously not original, but it’s at least period-appropriate, and it’s a whole lot more solid than the over-rated Gibson chip board cases of the 1960s.Buyer pays a flat rate of for insurance and shipping to the lower 48 states; shipping costs elsewhere will be negotiated as necessary.Payment by Paypal is preferred; cashiers and personal checks are acceptable, but checks must clear before the guitar will be shipped.I have sold guitars to Russia, Japan, Australia, and over 50 other countries, as well as almost every state in the USA.Since some of my guitars travel thousands of miles, I take care to use lots of packing materials, protect the neck inside the case, and of course de-tune the strings.I make every effort to describe and illustrate each guitar and case with scrupulous accuracy.However, many of my instruments are well-played vintage items which are many years old, and I am not a luthier.