Dating a guy with no teeth david muir abc dating

23 Jan

You can warn him in vague terms that you’ve had dental work and that he might notice something when you kiss.You can tell him you have an orthodontic implant that doesn’t come out (without ever mentioning the part where it doesn’t come out by choice).In the past I've received mixed reactions to my missing teeth from various people who've known about it. Should I tell him I wear a retainer before he just kind of finds out? Should I say it's a permanent retainer and that doesn't come out (because *it's not coming out.*)? And -- perhaps most importantly -- how can I remain confident?

I just have one big insecurity: Congenitally missing upper lateral incisors.

It’s true, though, that having nice teeth can make you feel more confident, which can be a powerful turn-on.

Having poor teeth makes you self-conscious, stops you flashing a natural wide smile and prevents your personality shining through, which can all add up to you being less attractive at first glance.

Generally, however, it’s pretty obvious that bad teeth can seriously hamper your love life.

Considering that until relatively recently, people rarely brushed their teeth, it is maybe surprising that the we’re still here at all!