Dating a man who has another woman pregnant

08 Jan

And we eagerly await the day he sees the two of us together.

Hopefully at his wedding reception, which we fully intend to crash.

Eventually, though, I felt strong enough to tell him our relationship was over, and I moved on.

A few months later I heard that Hef had actually proposed to one of his supposed on-the-side girls.

And despite what people may think, I don't consider for even a nanosecond that Todd would cheat on me.

There's just too much history, love and potential for it to be worth it. --Lisa, 36Three years ago, I became the other woman.

As soon as I got home, I told Todd I loved him and wanted to be with only him.

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These days, he visits our daughters, but we're over.

Maybe that's why, years later, when he called to say he'd gotten divorced, I let him back into our lives.

It was hard, but we were trying--until I found out that he was seeing someone on the side.

--Esther, 23My boyfriend and I had been together seven years when I unlocked the door to his apartment with the key and saw him, a tangle of limbs with another woman! Every day I thank God--and weirdly, that naked woman, whoever she was--for that moment!

He didn't even get up; he just froze, staring at me. I was heartbroken then, but today I can tell you that while the experience was horrible, it was also one of the best things that has ever happened to me. --Jennifer, 29From ages 23 to 25, I attracted nothing but married men.