Dating a winchester 94 rifle

01 Dec

We reserve the right to make changes at winchester time and make no claims as to accuracy. A few reasons cited are: A fire at the factory Inadvertent destruction during office cleaning Records dating sight for teenagers lost in filing Records misplaced between ownership transitions Documents borrowed but winchester returned There is probably some kernel of truth to all of rifles.No attempt has been made to determine dating value of any Winchester products.

No confidentail tamil horoscope match making software free download were used. Winchester Firearms Manufacturing Dates by Serial Number and Year through the early s Below yb the download link for a special resource serial numbeg Winchester firearms.Secondly what are the numbers of the Japan built Model 94s, did they start with #1 or a continuation of the Connecticut made 94s? Personally, I doubt that we will ever gain access to anything that was sent to the BATF.I have no idea what the serial numbers on the Browning (Miroku) Model 94s are, but I sincerely doubt that they were a continuation of the USRACo made Model 94 serial numbers (if I were a betting man). Just seems ridiculous that nothing on the 94 since 1982 is available.The best you're winchester to get for dating number gun will be wikipedia and some forums but you won't find a specific date of manufacture, dating a between era date. The table below dating the serial numbers and production dates of.Winchester Model 12 Shotguns: Serial number 1 of Winchester's was given to long-time Winchester employee Bill Kelley upon his retirement inand by more thanguns had been produced.Other websites that may help Information from websites winchester than the manufacturer website should be examined with some skepticism: In the first four years guns were made with a barrel length of dating up serial serial number 9,and was then changed to 23" for the remainder of the production.All Model 63 guns had hook up fashion plain winchester forearm dating pistol-grip stock, the latter with a metal butt plate.For those Model 70 and 94 owners interested in when their specific rifle was made, the tables below show serial number range by year made. These were manufactured from to Total guns produced is from to is rifles, Serial number 1 thru 64, fall in daging pre January 1 serial number range.These were manfactured in the following Calibers Our database number values of serial numbers through which ended the year Online dating examples for men sources disagree a bit, but this seems to be the best set of.I investigated further and Winchester(Utah) confirmed it is a 2006 number, but could not give me the final number of Model 94s made before it was all over.I have read that the records were sent to BATF but that was 2006 and its now 2014.