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06 Jan

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Once you have received your first of matches and you have decided to sign up to one of our membership packages you can reach out and connect with likeminded singles in Glasgow.

Here you can chat to singles in Glasgow online or even use our Secured Call feature enabling you to chat on the phone without giving away your personal contact details.

Our experience in the industry lends itself to needing to know more about your beliefs, your values and what it is that makes you tick.

Our unique approach I not like other dating sites in Scotland as we are not here to find you dates but more like making meaningful introductions that lead to longer lasting relationships.

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There is no greater feeling than finding love and we would love to share this experience with you.

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Before you get too carried away in the moment, we need to get to know you first and your first stop on your quest to find love is our relationship questionnaire.

This is where we ask you some quite revealing questions because we want to get to know our singles in Glasgow better.