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13 Nov

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The prophet Mohammed has said, "Marriage is my tradition who so ever keeps away there from is not from amongst me".

His preoccupation with the issue has been blamed for the collapse of grass roots activism and partly for the recent electoral successes of UKIP, which pushed the Tories into third place at the Eastleigh by-election last week.

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This was the principle factor, she said, that has caused the collapse in marriage rates between heterosexuals in countries where gay marriage had been introduced - as well as a sharp rise in cohabitation and the numbers of children born out of wedlock.In Russians Brides Agency .com, we have people that workall days to offer 100% foreign girls to men from the United States of America and other countries.The staff has experience and English-speaking foreign.Cohabiting gay couples were 12 times more likely to separate that married heterosexual couples, she said.Dr Morgan also predicted the widespread victimisation of individuals and institutions who dared to resist the redefinition of marriage.Marriage in Scandinavia, Spain, Netherlands and elsewhere is in deep decline.” She continued: “Same sex marriage is both an effect and a cause of the evisceration of marriage - especially the separation between this and parenthood.” Dr Morgan explained that gay marriage became conceivable only in those countries where marriage was already in crisis because of soaring “out-of-wedlock births and cohabitation rates” and invariably made such problems worse.“If marriage is only about couple relationships, and is not intrinsically connected to parenthood, why not give the leavings to homosexuals? “As marriage is redefined to accommodate same-sex couples, this reinforces the irrelevance of marriage to parenthood,” she said.But the research by Dr Morgan, the respected family policy analyst who coined the phrase “marriage lite” to describe cohabitation, provides hard evidence that in fact the opposite is likely to happen.Spain in particular, she said, saw a “precipitous” downward acceleration in the numbers of all marriages by a 15,000 a year in first three years that followed the legalisation of same-sex marriage by the Socialist government in 2005.“Some clearly hope that compulsion to perform same sex weddings will sever Church and state and further push Christianity out of the public arena and, therefore, consciousness,” she said.“Undermined and stigmatised for their unreasonableness and prejudice, the moral authority of religious institutions will further retreat in favour of a narrow secular ideology, particularly as sexual behaviour at odds with traditional norms is further encouraged and advanced.” The Prime Minister has faced intense criticism from the mainstream Churches and within his own Conservative Party for fast-tracking gay marriage through Parliament when there was no mandate or demand for it.