Dating and timing

28 Nov

They can be mature or childish, generous or selfish, loveable or unpleasant, etc.

In which case, it was not timing that cheated you, but instead, the way you strived to manage your troublesome surroundings. "Just because two people are interested in each other doesn’t mean they’ll be able to be together," Dr. Kopf does retract and adds a little light to his claim, stating that even with bad timing, it does not mean that two people aren’t meant for each other. But the truth is, there is never an absolute or ideal period to induct a relationship, so the concept of "bad timing" could be a total myth after all.

) she'd gone out with once upon a time, lamenting "Why did I mess things up with this guy?!? She'd gone out with him right after she'd broken up with her boyfriend of seven years, and she was kind of a hot mess emotionally so things just didn't work out. It matters, for sure, but I don't think timing alone can kill a potential relationship.

But fast forward a year or so and she's in a much better place, so now of course she's all shoulda coulda woulda. It definitely affects the course of dating, but I kind of think if my friend had really been into this guy, she would have figured out a way for it to happen despite being in a weird emotional place.

"People do not behave exactly the same way from the minute they’re born to the minute they die," In the '' articles, Dr.

Dylan Selterman studies how people dream about their partners (and alternatives), and how dreams influence behavior, "Any particular moment can make us funny, confident, exciting, hesitant, skeptical, introverted, flirtatious, or none of the above.