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30 Jan

Try instead the pleasant Ruskin Park which is a short walk from Denmark Hill Station.

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Camberwell includes a number of charming pubs home to an arty crowd with taste for ale, wine and conversation.

Here is a list of those from south east London and north Kent who were jailed this May.

Jack Siksnys and Greg Wenham Two thugs from Bexley were jailed for a total of eight years after a "random, motiveless attack" on a 25 year old man in Crayford.

If you dont mind living in an ex-local authority block, prices are even more affordable.

There is a strong African and Afro-Caribbean influence in Camberwell, admixed with a Greek-Cypriot presence and a strong student representation drawn from Camberwell College of Arts, Kings College London, Goldsmiths College and the Institute of Psychiatry.