Dating both twins dating by treffit

25 Nov

To top it all, there are twins born in different millennia.Twins were born in Massachusetts only eight minutes apart, but they were born in proximity to the turn of the millennium in 2000.In some cases, a delayed interval birth takes place when one multiple is delivered prematurely, but doctors are able to halt labor and keep the remaining multiple(s) in their mother's womb to grow and develop.Some of these multiples—twins, triplets or more—were born days, weeks or even months apart. The difference between today and tomorrow is literally a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, it would be almost impossible to figure out who the biological parents are based on the DNA alone (of course, that Identical twins share the exact same genetic material, egg/sperm and all (while fraternal twins are conceived from a different egg and sperm).

Twins are at higher risk of CP than a baby born singly (singletons). For every thousand singleton births, about two have CP.

For every thousand twin births, seven to ten have CP.

Is there anything that puts one set of twins more at risk than other twins?

Clearly, twins born more prematurely than other twins are at higher risk of CP.