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20 Sep

Even a simple gesture like noticing we’ve been working out or we got a haircut can go a long way.” (Jun Hao, 22, Student) 3. We’re perpetually hungry, and feeding us makes you seem like a good caregiver, which, I guess, fulfills one of our primal needs in finding a good life partner.After all, they do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Confidence “One of the sexiest things a woman can have is confidence.

All kinds of Singaporean guys were interrogated to bring you this compilation on what you can do to win them over! Take them out on a date for a change “Guys shouldn’t always be expected to plan and pay for everything!

Be independent “I think independence is sexy in a woman – I can’t stand those girls who are constantly helpless and in need of saving, but maybe that’s just me.” (Sherman, 30, Accountant) 8.

Be passionate about something “It’s important that partners have their own space.

There are several stages of dating for the average male expat in Singapore.

I always say that the best time to date a man is within a few weeks of him reaching Singapore, or after many years of living here.