Dating chinese pottery

04 Dec

Just assuming someone of Chinese descent is an expert on porcelain, is as much a mistake as someone of Chinese descent assuming an Englishman is an expert on Royal Dalton.

Having attended many such art shows, I've seen a mix of the authentic and the 'not so authentic'.

Collect catalogues from the major auction houses like Sotheby's and Christie's.

They have quality photos that will aid in the identification of a style or period.

Not everyone can afford to spend 0 - 0 to authenticate each piece.

I might also add that this is used mainly on heavier pottery such as those from the T'ang and Sung periods, and not recommended for the finer thin porcelain of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

They come complete with flaws, discolorations, and imperfections.It should include the history of the piece, images, comparisons, exact measurements, and tell a story.Click here to see an example of a properly done appraisal.Be also aware that not all types of clay used in the potting contain sufficient amounts of the properties needed to obtain a valid TL reading. Familiarize yourself with the different styles of each of the Ming and Qing emperors.Sufficient amounts of quartz, and feldspar must be present. Soon you will be able to glance at a piece and immediately recognize, for example, the difference between the Xuande and Wanli styles of the Ming dynasty.I've seen many appraisals and have to say that most are lacking both in detail and information to back up their declaration.bout forty years ago I watched one such appraiser thumb through a book to identify a mark, then copy this information directly to a one-liner stating the authenticity.Aside from the risk of breakage, drilling holes in a fine porcelain (if not done properly) can affect the value.For those considering this route, keep in mind that unless performed by either Oxford or Daybreak Archaeometric, the results may not be accepted by the major auction houses.Of course if you find a piece while excavating a tomb, you're 99.9% sure it's authentic, but there is still that .1% chance that someone found the tomb earlier and placed it there to fool you.There is only one sure method of dating, thermoluminescence, but that is expensive.