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20 Dec

Read Bettina’s article, high fidelity about the online dating profile that led to Bettina’s retirement from online dating.I found myself 57 and single, after a 20-year marriage.You would never go into business blinded, nor should you go into love.A matchmaker doesn’t toss out dates like free samples, they assess personalities and compatibility based on a learned, profound knowledge of their craft.Read full story This gentle, cheerful man had been struggling unsuccessfully with online dating for over two years when I first started working with him. That photo – oh dear, talk about a bad, thinning hair day!

View and listen to their stories – then become one of them.

They’re also there to guide and encourage clients, while providing them with the ability to balance both a personal and professional life appropriately. You’ll spend a small fortune hiring someone to find you an amazing job that might only last a few years.

No matter how much technology encompasses our lives to “make things easier,” there will always be a place for true, humanistic relationships, which is why matchmaking is one of lifestyle’s oldest business models. With a matchmaker, you’re hiring someone to recruit love, which could last forever.

The business of matchmaking combines your entrepreneurial spirit with your love and dating life.

In business, we’re constantly outsourcing in an effort to keep things running smoothly with the most efficiency possible.