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The city map was completely redrawn with big parks, wide streets and grandiose buildings which you can witness during your trip to the DPR Korea with Korea Konsult.This statue is the symbol of the ruling Worker Party of Korea.MONUMENTS | STYLE | REVOLUTIONARY SITES | MUSEUMS | EXHIBITIONS | CIRCUSES | THEATRES | SCHOOLS | ART | ENTERTAINMENT & HEALTH | SPORT | PARKS | HOSPITALS | TRANSPORT The North Korean capital Pyongyang is unlike any other on Earth - it represents an ideological statement forged in concrete, bronze and marble.Foreigners first coming to Pyongyang get amazed by the greatness of the cityscape with its fascinating public buildings and gigantic monuments. In 427 AC it was mentioned as a capital of Koguryo Kingdom - the biggest and the most powerful state out of the three ancient Korean kingdoms (Silla, Paekche, and Koguryo).Pyongyang is littered with souvenir shops - every site has a small booth selling books, postcards and other trinkets.Pyongyang is an unique capital which has temples of all major confessions even though there are a few followers.There are many restaurants to entertain tourists in Pyongyang.

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The protocol of gift-giving is well established in Korean culture The Pyongyang Circus is a popular tourist destinations.

In 932 AC the first King of the new Koryo Dynasty Wang Gon moved the capital to Songak (today's Kaesong).

The next ruling dynasty (Choseon / Li / Ri) established a new capital in Seoul at the end of 14th century.

It is the venue of Pyongyang International Film Festival held once two years It serves as a social education centre for the youth. Working youth and students conduct varieties of activities including political, scientific and literature lectures Education in the DPR Korea is universal and state funded schooling by the government.

The national literacy rate for citizens 15 years of age and older is over 99 percent.