Dating dan kennedy style

10 Oct

Price: 97 Create rapid, responsive fans who become customers-for-life through strategically incorporating personality into your copy.Business is about relationships and a key business goal is to create and keep customers for life.Price 97 Now’s the time to break the “work-money” link and earn automatic income with GKIC’s blueprint for info-marketing success.The Ultimate Information Marketing Machine will give you all the templates, systems and tactics we’ve used to launch blockbuster info-products so you can easily “move” them into your own business or niche.Stop the insanity of “churn and burn” marketing where you’re constantly chasing the first sale.Get the same customers coming back time and again to gladly give you their money.

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To keep them they must see you as an interesting person and they must want to hear the next installment of your story.

Dan teaches his 31 principles of influential writing, how to use them on purpose and how to incorporate them into every single thing you do.

Price: ,997 Leave your competitors behind by discovering the “Big 3 Benefits” of focusing the most profitable customers, clients or patients.

Identify the key components behind selling ANY product or service in a brutally candid, NO B. Dan will help you spot classic BAD behaviors and mistakes from a seller that perpetuate negative perceptions from the buyer, and help to turn them completely around with proven examples that span across retail to real estate to medicine to politics.

It teaches how to establish credibility, demand, higher price points, and conducting sales presentations on your terms.