Dating ditzy women

13 Feb

The way they stretch out every syllable is almost painful and my feminist inclination is to irrationally scream a phrase I’ve stolen from my friend: But really, what should I expect?

Why should I be surprised if women have always been encouraged to play dumb?

If they pretend to be unintelligent, the line between reality and affectation will surely blur with time.

If they base their identity on their appearance and sexual desirability, their mental health will continue to suffer as adults.

Let’s count all the dumb blondes that have graced our TV screens over our lifetimes.

And how many women of color have you seen on TV or film who were not bumbling caricatures?

They will never be the most popular girl in school if they don’t have the latest doodad or lip gloss. The media critic Mark Crispin Miller points out that advertising sells anxiety to the young.

“It’s always telling them that they are not thin enough, they’re not pretty enough, they don’t have the right friends, or they have no friends…they’re losers unless they’re cool.” According to popular media, girls can only be “cool” if they’re pretty or sexy and desired by boys. I recently overheard a couple of six-year-olds ask each other if they were sexy. Or did they simply happen to hear that god-awful song “I’m Sexy and I Know it?

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The popularity of so many vapid reality stars illustrates this glorification of stupidity in women.That adds up to 10 hours and 45 minutes of media consumption a day.Teenagers are constantly bombarded with media, and the quality of what they consume will shape their sense of self.This huge cultural and economic influence allows media to manufacture anti-feminist ideologies that are targeted to young girls.In , for instance, a show about a small town Texas girl who moves to New York City and becomes a nanny to a celebrity couple’s four children, the children are depicted as much smarter than their bumbling 18-year-old nanny.The only modern-day feminist on TV that I can even think of is Lisa Simpson, a cartoon.I know not every teenage girl who feigns stupidity to appear cute and desirable will end up being like the catty and vacuous women we see on every TV channel. Encouraging or even allowing young women to defer to men by undermining their own capabilities at an early age is a disservice to them.The dumb girl trope is deeply ingrained in American culture and history.In the 1940s, postwar dating manuals even explicitly advised women to “play dumb” to catch a man and forty percent of college women admitted to doing this in a survey.And though the Kardashians may not actually be unintelligent, what they are manufacturing and perpetuating is stupidity.If young girls see these kinds of celebrities being rewarded with money and attention, why they imitate them?