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08 Feb

There are millions of attractive, single cougars around the world that are interested in dating both younger and older men.After another year of testing, reviewing, and comparing (along with a lot of trial and error) online dating experiences we are again sharing out findings with our readers in our 2018 Best Cougar Dating Sites & Apps Review!Since we fit the bill, we have seen some great success with when it comes to meeting attractive older women.

The main takeaway we have from testing out is that if you are serious about meeting a single cougar, Cougar Life should be your first stop.Five ways come to mind.1 — Extended eye contact and smiles , especially among males, is still the universal sign of “I'm interested.”2 — Casual complements (neutral ones, not involving body appearance) are always welcomed, and not usually noticed by other men not interested in you.3 -- Announcing loudly where you are intending going later than night…especially if there is an event with fairly anonymous crowding gives him an opportunity to “happen to be there. )4 -- Look for Grinder (or other LGBT social media) users from your school's local area, and check for his pic.5 -- If any of that appears to be promising, drop a note under his door, perhaps when you know no roommates are around, saying “text me” with your number or (if you are still nervous) a burner* number might work to set up a coffee/beer accidental “meeting” on neutral ground. Here is how we found the best cougar dating websites: The absolute hardest part of being a man interested in dating older women is finding and meeting them without spending a ton of time and effort.In our experience, this is the best way of finding, meeting, and dating cougars that has ever been created.If you are only interested in men or women that are college educated professionals and are comfortable missing out on attractive single women that don’t fit that description you should give Every single guy knows about Tinder.It has quickly become the most popular way for young guys to meet younger women.Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as easy to meet an older woman on Tinder, though you can still find some success.There are a decent number of older women who are on Tinder but they can be pretty difficult to track down.Updated June 4th, 2018 We have extensively tested out and reviewed over 100 different cougar dating websites and apps over the past three years with yearly follow-up reviews of the best.This includes many popular dating websites and apps that are not purely dedicated to women dating young men and vice versa.