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31 Aug

I don’t know how she finally went down that path, but our whole town is in a state of emergency and we’re fighting like crazy to get some help.Her sister tells me they were texting each other, and an hour later her boyfriend called to say, ‘Amber isn’t waking up.’” Alicia Nickerson, 30, Seattle, WA | Died February 23, 2016“When she was clean in rehab, she talked to her son almost everyday.In March I had surgery, and she spent 10 days taking care of my kids and pets while I was recovering—we laid on the couch and watched movies.

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She was a nurse assistant and worked with the elderly. She graduated from a treatment program, and went into sober living. She had become very socially aware—she was studying a lot about different cultures and religions, and women’s rights issues.She was an animal lover—she dreamed of working on a big cat reserve in Africa.” —Rachael Schlingmann, 23, Rochester, MN | Died August 10, 2012“Rachael was a special, gifted, talented, and loving girl.She was active in gymnastics since she was three, she was a cheerleader, and was in all of her school plays.It was all downhill from there.” —Amber Delage, 29, Endwell, NY | Died August 1, 2016“She was amazing.Despite her addiction, she was a number one mom—always taking care of her kids and putting them first.She was clean for three months then, and hers said: ‘Branwyn Kenney died in her sleep surrounded by her loving children and husband. She struggled with depression but would always say her son, Mason, was her reason for living.She is best remembered for her two best-selling novels and for the institute she founded to help recovering drug addicts, to which she devoted much of her life.’” —Chalea Honey, 21, Warrenton, MO | Died January 7, 2017“She had just gotten out of rehab when she took this photo. She was in the process of studying for her GED so she could go to art school.But it was like she knew she was going to die, in certain respects, and had the best last 30 days with him.He was left with that memories that his mom loved him. My mom asked me mom questions.’ She left rehab to go see him.Or will she become one of the women who die every single day as a result of opioids?Reghan Berry, 22, Greer, SC | Died May 16, 2017“Reghan had the best personality. She was the type of person that if she saw someone being picked on, or if they didn’t have enough money for clothes or shoes, she’d stand up for them.” —Samantha Cody-Neuhoff, 24, Chatham, IL | Died May 12, 2017“For all of the struggles Samantha was having, she was still involved with our family.