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29 Dec

Hoping to develop a relationship where children like us even on Facebook has created an environment of overly permissive parenting.Acting like a father or mother forces us to curtail unwelcome behaviors and impose unwanted limits. Many parents would rather be buddies and not deal with the discipline and consequences.We establish a fundamental quality of life by which we exist.Derech Eretz has guided us through the centuries and never becomes old fashioned or outdated.

Rather, we connect through giving our time, our listening ear and establishing the spiritual standards of living that teach children the true definition of parenting.Slovie is the author of the parenting handbook, Raising A Child With Soul.She gives weekly classes and has lectured throughout the U. You can reach slovie at [email protected] this article stimulates me to review my opinion about this subject. It 's not merely informing, but it really helps to shape and reshape our views on life. when my children were in school, it was always Mom and Dad, except when we were in a very crowded store, then a first name was often necessary when there where multitudes of mommy and daddies where there and the child needed attention.My respect for my parents never ceased, I loved & honoured them & never regretted that we did not become buddy, buddy.Respect does not mean domination but an upbringing that shows that relationships have boundaries of behaviour universally accepted. By that I mean shomer Shabbas and kashrus were important. My son and daughter in law have always called me Ima, and their children were taught to call me Bubby ( last name) and thir other Bubby this way with her last name as well.“Honor your father and mother” never goes out of style.In a culture that invites disrespect, how can we create a home that embodies good character, ethics, and a strong sense of values?I have seen in my siblings family how familiarity deteriorated the relationship.The barriers of respect came down like a hose of card.Later, my daughter and I were in a real estate business together, my daughter asked if she could call me by my first name in business meetings as she was in her 20's and it worked well, at home it was still if the respect is there, under some circumstances, first names are preferable.