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09 Jan

Personally, I think Queen Latifah has very beautiful eyes and with me being an eye man, I'm going to notice.

Give me a woman with great eyes, that light up and show me that there is intelligence behind the eyes...

I like muscular guys I must admit Also I would like to find someone good-hearted, with a nice soul $.post("htt... Looking for that guy who, while were in a relationship, isn't a...

About Me: I don't communicate with anyone who isn't VERIFIED. About Guys I Want To Meet: Borrowed from FITISGOOD Its simple really: Looking for someone who is past that gay vain ego stage where the most important thing to them is perception.

I came across someone who ironically was using my friend's photos, so I know catfish are definitely out there. 5 Rules to Happiness: -Free your heart from hatred.

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Well Im a believer in the physical attraction aspect of a relationship meaning that I have to be attracted to a person to go out on a date with them and because I'm not physically attracted to hispanic men I would have to say no.Don't get me wrong I have serveral latino guy friends that I love to death but the physical attraction is not there.I've seen profiles of white women seeking black men only.Have the luxury of having a great family, job and friends. I also like to go out on the town occasionally, shopping and traveling. About Guys I Want To Meet: Let's meet for coffee and see where it goes $.post(" About Guys I Want To Meet: Cannot say I have a type. I love to chat with new people, especially guys with similar interests. I love learning new work out and just chatting in general. About Guys I Want To Meet: looking for good men, active men. I'm just your not so average mexican american guy currently serving overseas.About Me: I love women to death, but im getting very curious abt men.Some white women would be mad because you are taking away an eligible white man.Some would tell you to "be true" to your heritage (whatever the hell they mean by that I have NO clue).Ooh an interstellar German mechanic with a part all the way from Alpha Centauri...can't wait to see the bill on this trade it in on an Interstellar Japanese ship.If you think oil is expensive, you should see the price of antimatter!