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21 Nov

By July of 2012, he was gaining approximately 18.9 thousand monthly subs.

He started to become more and more popular, as approximately one year later, he was gaining around 361.3 thousand monthly subs.

An interesting thing to note about his channel is that unlike the fanbases of other big You Tube channels like Pew Die Pie or Smosh, who are known to have a rather rabid fanbases as well as intense arguments in the comment section between haters & fans alike, the Vanoss Gaming fanbase is one of the most, if not the most, positive fanbases on You Tube.

Vanoss' comment sections are filled with positive and friendly feedback and discussions, with arguments rarely breaking out.

Vanoss' rapid growth didn't stop there, as he earned an incredible 1.1 million monthly subs by the start of 2014, the most subscribers he ever got in a single month, more than many channels like Smosh in January of 2014 as well.

Vanoss hit his first billion views on July 19 of that year and hit his second billion views on January 28, the next year.

It is also due to its mix of comedic banter with his friends and having some of the most highly acclaimed edited videos on You Tube.

The first time Vanoss showed his face was for his one million subscriber special in 2013, with the second being in 2014, when he took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (in which he poured a mixture of iced tea, Smirnoff ice, ice cream and so on instead of water).

His owl head is the mask of his in-game character models for many of the games he plays, including Garry's Mod and Grand Theft Auto V.

Currently, he gains more than 4,000 subscribers and 4 million views per day, averaging over 12 million views a video.

Vanoss has often been compared to fellow gaming You Tuber Pew Die Pie, who also has the most subscribed channel on the site, as they both have a similar style of gaming.