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08 Mar

Not to say it would have worked that way, but that was the idea.

Personally I have a hard time believing the American public would vote for 3 Kennedys in a row.

Also, sometimes the vote-ring detector disqualifies votes for various reasons, but still logs that they've been received.

TBH, that also includes new plates, a repaired car, and if we're talking about IV, a couple of hours of laying low.

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I LOVE the funfair."when i played gta 4 i was just grinding story missions and not bothering with the bullshit dating minigames. meh...." same for when that thing happens to that chick at the end with the stuff and the bullets.You aren't safe, even on the roof of a two-story building. The very first time you meet her Niko comments on how all of her stuff is new, Some of it even with tags on.Losing your car is stressful at the least, being on foot is an exercise in paranoia. It takes the second playthrough to appreciate why that's worth noting.I have a hard time believing they would vote for 2 in a row. Robert might only have gotten as far as he did on the strength of the nation's mourning of JFK.There's every possibility that if JFK had lived to serve the rest of his term or was even elected to a 2nd term that his policies alone would not have endeared himself or the Kennedy name to the American people as much.i was a bit let down becasue the game assumed that i was dating them the whole time and would grow attached or something. But it was also pretty much told to you before you even got her number that she doesn't put out.I still almost cried like a bitch when she died, I always lived packie and Kate, The other brothers were all okay.Driving place to place is mostly uneventful, the world is pretty uniform. You have to pay close attention to what's happening around you, things are entirely unpredictable while travelling.You'll be driving, and suddenly a tanker flies off the highway overhead, Terminator 2 style, dropping onto a taxi behind you and exploding.By now most people have probably seen the GTA IV Carmageddon video.It's funny in how it makes all the boring sidequests of GTA IV really exciting.