Dating gun cartridges dating for you net

05 Mar

This particular style of cartridge has the early disc primer on the base.

These were used in the early cane guns and were patented in France in the mid 1870's. One would blow on one end sliding the pin forward igniting the cartridge.

Description: Here is a machined auxiliary chamber for the .58 Union Repeating Gun.

A percussion cap would fit over the nipple on one end.

This cartridge was patented by Walter Hunt in 1848.

These are thought to have been manufactured at the Frankford Arsenal starting in 1860. As you can see, this example still has the majority of the tin plating.

Description: Here is a very scarce cartridge and is the actual example photographed in Hoyem's reference book.

Description: Here is a very scarce .54 Hunt and Jennings Rocket Ball Cartridge. The powder is encapsulated behind the cork on the base.

You can clearly see that the cork/interior of the bullet has swollen around the bottom section and been glued back in.