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The Tralee Ship Canal was built to accommodate larger ships sailing into Tralee, as the existing quay in Blennerville was becoming blocked due to silting.The House of Commons authorised an Act of Parliament in June 1829 for the canal, with work beginning in 1832.Issues with funding meant that the canal was not completed until 1846 when it was opened.The canal was 2 miles long with a new canal basin built in Tralee, and lock gates and a wooden swing bridge constructed in Blennerville.The latter held many land titles in West Kerry and also claimed property in Tralee.

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In 1921 the Black and Tans dragged it from its pedestal and destroyed it.

The third English settler, another Sir Edward, married Ruth Roper, whose father Thomas Roper was the lease holder of the Herbert estate centred on Castleisland. He granted "the circuit of the Abbey" to the corporation set up under the charter, in return for the fees of the town clerk.

His son Arthur Denny married Ellen Barry, granddaughter of Richard Boyle.

A railway line was constructed between the harbour and Tralee to carry cargo and freight from ships moored there.

The canal fell into disuse and neglect, and was finally closed by the mid-20th century.