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02 Sep

I didn’t know that before but always thought I was weird when I had a new lover I couldn’t keep my mind off f_cking them again and spent the days anxiously, wildly try to hook up again ASAP. Between the heightened excitement and passion from the secrecy and naughtiness and the hormonal drunkenness I become I real SLUT, but a HOT, sensuous, delicious slut - craving your seed, feeling pride in being called another man’s cumwhore.

I REALLY luv it as I drive home after f_cking my lovers, my panties soaked with my lovers seed dripping down my legs- still warm and mixed with pussy juice from my sopping pussy… When I go to a sexual rendezvous I am sexually excited, giddy, ever so horny, and very wet with my conscientious mind in control if just barely.

Yes, the conscientious thoughts and feelings do return. One compromise is to play out parts of the perfect, always desired mind-blowing sex scenario (the one described above) and not do the whole thing, in total, as described.

The more you play around the less they bother you but they are still there. I must know are you disease-free and can I risk a pregnancy by you.

Arrange parties, meet-ups, age-play related sales, and munches. Ass lovers in Toronto, Fet Life Current host of the Barrie Area Munch, Kink University and the Barrie Kinky Vendor’s Market among other events, bringing BDSM/Fetish/Kink events and education to the Barrie area.

Barrie and Area Personals, Fet Life For all the brats of Barrie, where you can be your bratty self just play nice in the sand box hehehe.

frequently I can’t help fingering myself as I drive, alternating between rubbing my lips and stroking my clit and pushing your hot seed back deep into my womb, causing me to explode in sexual ecstasy as I know your cum is deep inside me, in me, impregnating me, breeding me about to cause my previously flat and toned belly to swell with your child in it… Once we meet and the fireworks start and if you push the right buttons what I described above happens - the most incredible sex I know And yes I’ll be driving home with your potent seed deep in my womb…

I have been blown away by this woman’s passion for the lifestyle and her writing.My entire body, womanhood, and baby-desiring ovaries scream out hungrily, greedily for your potent, hot needed seed to fill and take over my womb…I know most women never talk about this because it’s not pc nor is it pro- feminist but we all have this need - don’t let anyone tell you otherwise- we are born with this instinct, this craving…once we are aroused. With exception of an occasional women’s magazine article, I bet you never hear a woman tell you how badly she craves and needs to f_ck a new lover after they do it.Pan-sexual, Pan-kink, singles, couples, straight, bi, gay, uncertain – all welcome. Goal: Safe and secure place for support, sharing information in the form of workshops, discussion, and socializing.Kink focused events, some non-kink events and regular monthly munches.WOW - just writing this and playing with myself was as good as sex with my husband, LOL….. Littles, adult babies, middles, geris, and the Caretakers that enjoy playing with us.This brings on in me a sensual esctasy like nothing else and this is what separates casual, ho-hum (everyday married) sex from mind-blowing, body-numbing, total slut goddess sex.If stimulated, my luscious, ever SOOO delicious primal animal behavior overcomes my judging, conscious mind and at that moment will outweigh and nullify all the potential risks and dangers of bareback, breeding/baby-making sex with a lover other than my husband.I cry out to touch, hold tightly, engulf, and totally devour and be devoured by my lover.To place a barrier between us that stops procreation, tears at my secret and deep corner of my inner being and goes against everything my senses and instincts are calling me to do.